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A chin and a piano?!?

"Miss Lindsay, did you know I can play 'Old MacDonald' with my chin AND my eyes closed?"

Sammy--age 8

This made me smile this morning!  The performance was quite spectacular and very accurate....for chin playing!  Never a dull moment in the studio! 



Welcome to my chronicle of the journey and discoveries that my students and I make!

Why Moments, Milestones, and Music?

Moments—My days are sprinkled with funny quotes, right notes and wrong notes, delightful laughter, hard work, beautifully colored pictures, the metronome, inside jokes, smiles, favorite colors, recent adventures, and ‘ah ha’ moments. I hope to capture some of these moments that would otherwise slip by unnoticed and share them here.

Milestones—Students encounter many milestones in their musical journey: understanding a difficult concept, playing a song beautifully, remembering to bring and do their theory (maybe that shouldn’t be such a milestone!), finishing a set of books, and recitals. I hope to capture some of these milestones in words and pictures to share here.

Music—Of course, in a piano studio you will find lots and lots of music! To listen to the students most recent musical accomplishments please pop over to the “Fabulous Film Features” page (a log in is required).