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Good Work Elise!

Congratulations Elise on finishing My First Piano Adventures Level B!

IMG 8709 3

Keep up the great work!!  


Good Work Laynee!

Laynee started off her first lesson of 2017 completing Piano Adventures Level 1!

IMG 8655 2a

Keep up the great work!!  


Christmas Recitals 2016

While the weather outside was quite frightful on Saturday, Decemeber 17, the music and smiles inside were quite delightful!  Many families braved the snow and ice to attend that afternoon and I'm so grateful they did!  

I'm very proud of all the students who worked so hard getting their pieces ready!    

IMG 8566a

Students from the 1:30 recital

(minus a few who had to leave early)  

IMG 8569

Students from the 3:30 recital 

IMG 3748a

Congratulations Justin!!

Justin is my graduating senior and has been a ton of fun to teach over the last several years!  He graduated from the studio a semester early because he is heading off to a leadership internship next semester.  

imagejpeg 0 1


Resized 20161217 145301


IMG 6027a


IMG 6032b


IMG 1237a

Lexi and Zoe's first piano recital!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  


Friday Favorite

This week we listened to Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 as part of our “Hidden Treasures Music History”.  One of the unique aspects of the Romantic period is the expressiveness and emotion of the music so I asked the students, “How does this song make you feel?” 

One of my girls responded: “It makes me feel like a super hero coming in to save the day at a really intense part of the movie!”  

This was the most accurate and articulate response I received all week.  If you aren't familiar with this piece check out the video that we watched the first few minutes of: 



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