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Saturday Studio Spectacle

On Saturday we had our very first "Saturday Studio Spectacle"!  

IMG 9652

We had 2 recitals with 8 students participating!!  

IMG 9658a

It was motivating for the students to get a few pieces ready and a great opportunity to"Pass It On"!! 


NCKP 2017

In July I spent four days in Chicago at the 2017 National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy (NCKP).  

IMG 9453a

I thoroughly enjoyed attending many sessions and visitng with teachers from all over the world.  There were 600 teachers from 43 states and 11 countries!  

Some of my highlights:

  • Every afternoon there was a teaching demonstration.  All but one were live...the teacher brought their student to the conference from whereever they lived to present for us. The students ranged from beginner to college level and I enjoyed observing how the lessons were structured, their approach to common teaching challenges, and the student/teacher interaction.  
  • Concerts by Jim Brickman, composer and pianist and Drew Petersen, Winner of the 2017 American Pianists Awards


Waiting for a concert to start with some friends and colleauges from Omaha and Lincoln!

IMG 9457

IMG 9460

My friend Nancy and I met Jim Brickman after the concert! 

  • The PEDx7 is a take off on TED talks (PED for pedagogy).  We heard five presentations: The Future of Classical Music, take aways of a professor and his graduate students who taught distance piano lessons to highschool girls in Kenya, a performance by the Chicago based Fifth House Ensemble, the impact of the first ever summer piano festival for advanced students who are on the autisim spectrum (hosted by Michigan State University), and Pianos for People a nonprofit delivering pianos and teaching lessons to underprivilidged families in St. Louis, MO.  

A few favorite quotes: 

"Embrace the hard work of practice!" Barbara Kreader 

"Music plays easier when you play it how it goes." Dr. Robert Duke

"Sharing music is about allowing others to enjoy what we have to offer them." Dr. Peter Jutras 

"We do not grow until we render ourselves vunerable to learn and be evaulated." Marvin Blickenstaff 

IMG 9469

It was a fabulous experience and I'm already looking forward to NCKP 2019!  


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