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Good Work Lexi!

Congratulations Lexi on completing Piano Adventures Primmer Level!  

IMG 8859a

Keep up the great work!  


Good Work Madison!

Congratulations Madison on completing Piano Adventures Level 3A

IMG 8860a

Keep up the great work!  


Friday Favorite

*Over the next few weeks the Friday Favorite will be a quote by the composer of the week from the music history segment of our lessons.

Béla Bartok (1881-1945) 

“It is no good asking why I wrote a passage as I did…I can only reply that I wrote down what I felt.  Let the music speak for itself.”


Good Work Macy!

Congratulations Macy on completing Piano Adventure's Level 3A

IMG 8828a 

Keep up the great work! 


Good Work Zoe!

Congratulation Zoe on finishing My First Piano Adventures Book A!!  

 IMG 8827a

Keep up the great work!  


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